The Inevitable Separation of Souls


Part 1: The Flames of Passion Die

Our love was a blazing fire,

A fierce and unrelenting flame.

But passion can only burn so bright,

Before it flickers out and the embers wane.

We were never ever getting back,

The spark between us had grown cold.

We shared a love once deep and true,

But now we're moving on, leaving the past untold.

Part 2: The Recognition of Incompatibility

Sometimes in life we find ourselves

On paths that don't converge.

Our hearts may long to be together,

But our futures can't converge.

We were never ever getting back,

We had to face the brutal facts.

Our lives were meant to take different roads,

And we had to walk them without looking back.

Part 3: The Acceptance of Closure

The Inevitable Separation of Souls,weareneverevergettingback,第1张

Closure can be a difficult thing,

A chapter closing in our hearts.

But grasping onto broken dreams,

Only leads to missed opportunities and starts.

We were never ever getting back,

But we can find peace in the end.

The memories and love we once shared,

Will find their place to mend.

So let's go our separate ways,

With dignity and grace.

Our souls will find what they need,

In this earthly, transient space.