11 new confirmed cases in 31 provinces


In the vast land of China,

31 provinces have seen new cases emerge.

Though the number is small,

It still warrants great concern.

Amidst the bustling streets and busy cities,

The virus silently spreads.

The people wear masks and wash their hands,

But still, the threat remains.

11 new cases have been confirmed,

A reminder that we must remain vigilant.

Though the battle is far from won,

We must continue to fight with all our might.

In Hubei, where it all began,

The people have endured much pain.

But they continue to persevere,

With hope in their hearts that things will improve.

The doctors and nurses are true heroes,

Working tirelessly day and night.

Their sacrifice and dedication,

Are a beacon of light in these dark times.

As the world watches and waits,

China fights on with determination.

A united front against this common enemy,

Will bring us closer to the end of this crisis.

We must stay strong and stay alert,

Doing all we can to protect ourselves and each other.

For only together can we overcome,

This challenge that has befallen us all.